Championing distinctive cultural garments is a fashion label with a difference – Atlas The Brand. With an ethos that goes against everything that surrounds fast fashion, Atlas The Brand passionately creates sustainable, timeless and most importantly ethical statement garments that have been inspired by a childhood greatly shaped by an abundance of travel and cultural awareness.

Established by sibling trio Olivia, Beatriz and Augustus Callaghan, who have travelled to over 50 countries and six continents, Atlas The Brand revolves around a concept inspired by the iconic and beautiful international craftwork that they came into contact with throughout their extensive travels. Bridging the gap between old and new, near and far, opulent and bohemian, each of the beautifully unique pieces are inspired by the most exotic corners of the world they have visited. This is partnered with designs tailored to perfectly suit everyday living across all walks of life with unique and modern twists.

Dedicated to 100% authenticity, each piece is tailored in its country of origin. The signature Mandarin range is hand made in China with its silk sourced from Hangzhou and Huzhou in China, considered the ‘hometown of silk’ across the world. This lengthy and costly procedure ensures that the handiwork and details of each of their pieces remain as natural and authentic to its origin as physically possible. Within this range is the Mandarin velvet jacket alongside the Mandarin dinner jacket – a tribute to Hong Kong and its cultural fusion between traditional China and colonial Britain.

Available in rich colours of emerald green, decadent navy, black and a fierce red velvet, doting gorgeous silk inner linings adorning symbolic Chinese dragon prints, the jackets are the epitome of luxury. For females specifically, they have also created the Mandarin Silk Suit – a two-piece pant set made of 100% pure Thai silk with a simple pencil leg design and Chinese silk knot detailing. A skirt and high neck sleeveless top option are also available in vibrant colours such as fuchsia pink, fiery red and dusty pink.

Meanwhile, inspired by Morocco is the Mansour Velvet Robe trilogy and The Mansour Robe, both carefully made in Marrakech. The Mansour Velvet Robe is hand-tailored with classic Moroccan broderie detailing for the ultimate unique statement piece. With a long length and heavyweight, this piece hangs beautifully on the body with the utmost elegance. Each jacket in the collection is gender-friendly, the perfect complement to dress up any outfit.

This Spring Atlas The Brand will further develop its linen collection. This already includes a male and female jacket and shirt equivalents of the signature Mandarin Jacket and Mansour Robe. With hues of earthy greens, this collection is ideal for the Spring to Summer transitional months or trips overseas to warmer climates.

Collectively the trio of siblings behind Atlas The Brand love seeking new experiences and immersing themselves in other cultures. Growing up in the British overseas territory of Gibraltar, they were exposed to an eclectic mix of lifestyles and traditions from a very young age. This included their grandfather who resided in the architectural haven of Marrakech, which inspired the creation of their first business Bom Bom Morocco, loved by the likes of Kate Middleton.

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